There are more than 100 languages spoken in Winnipeg, and nowhere is that more true than in the incredibly diverse West End, where cuisine, culture and history are evident on a global scale. Many local families can still trace back their roots to this area, as waves of immigrants have been making their homes in the West End since its earliest days. As a result, this ethnically rich neighbourhood contains a cornucopia of… Read More

Magic is always in the air at Rainbow Stage, Winnipeg’s beloved outdoor stage which has been putting on Broadway shows for over six decades (making it Canada’s longest-running outdoor theatre). It’s a place that has been creating memories for Winnipeg families for generations, and each year it seems to be getting better and better. In the past couple years we’ve been enamoured with hilarious performances like The Producers, enchanted and singing along at family friendly… Read More

There’s no better way to see The Peg, than looking sweet, upon the seat, of a bicycle built for two. Heck, you could even double up that fun and make it a bicycle built for four; because when you are cruising with Bee2Gether Bikes, you (and your crew) are doing so in style. With locations conveniently located at two of Winnipeg’s biggest attractions — that being The Forks and Assiniboine Park (along with another… Read More

One thing’s for certain, the only thing with a long face at Assiniboia Downs Gaming and Event Centre is the horses. In fact, one visit to this place is guaranteed to give you an ear-to-ear grin, along with a satisfied belly and a new sense of excitement. Everyday is race day at The Downs, as they always provide simulcast racing from top tracks in North America (the only exception being on Christmas), while throughout the… Read More

Oh Canada, we will party hard July 1st for thee! And by party, I mean throw a bunch of really lovely, family friendly events that show our true patriot love in this happening city. For starters, how about you take your nationalism to the next level and become part of one of the world’s largest living flags? Since 2011 Downtown Winnipeg Biz (those stars) have been putting on some of the biggest living flags… Read More

The Holiday Inn Winnipeg South is looking a whole lot sleeker these days with a chic new design that’s a fitting compliment to their always personable service. All the hotel’s 170 guestrooms and suites, along with the lobby, restaurant and lounge, now boast a polished modern design that is going to really impress guests (check it all out on their brand new Instagram account!). The Holiday Inn Winnipeg South already sits in a… Read More

Take one part super cute animals. Add two parts fun and fast midway rides. Three huge scoops of top-notch stage shows. A cup and a half of live music from big name performers. Then fold in a couple handfuls of indulgent carnival food. That right there is the recipe for the Red River Ex, which brings all the thrills one could possibly ask for from June 17-26 at 3977 Portage Avenue (Red River… Read More

On any given night you can catch more live music in Winnipeg than almost any other North American city. It must be something in the water, or perhaps — to paraphrase what has become a bit of cliché — our winters help breed creativity as you get an excuse to stay in and practice your musical chops. Whatever the case, all across the continent The Peg is known as a music city — a… Read More

My friends, if you want to see more Winnipeg attractions for less, you have to get your hands on the Winnipeg Summer Pass. Think of it like the ultimate Winnipeg-specific access card, one where you pay a flat fee to get access to 20 Winnipeg attractions, sports events, tours, museums and more. Altogether, you save up to 60 per cent while getting to experience some of the coolest things that Winnipeg’s hot summers… Read More

If you hurried inside to warm your toes after skating Winnipeg’s river trail this winter, you may have noticed changes taking place at The Forks Market. Throughout the winter season, temporary walls have covered much of the central atrium, but now that spring has arrived, the public is finally getting a chance to see behind these walls as a new vision for The Forks Market is taking shape. In the Spring of… Read More


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